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Lunch Box Set

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Lunch Box Set

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Lunch Box made out of rice husks fibre with no plastic elements used.

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Fall in love with a simple meal

As our living conditions get better, delicacies soon become normal place. We soon begin to miss food that looks simple and are healthy to consume. Home cooked food on our table is a welcome sight.
But even though we are eating healthily, are we storing it healthily? Try our husk made utensils, with a plain husk color, all natural with no harmful substances. Not as lavish as ceramic, and without the harmful toxins released by metal and painted utensils. It also does not grow mould, unlike bamboo made utensils, ensuring you stay healthy with every bite.

Plastic Tupperware is unable to maintain freshness, glass container is too fragile?

For work, or picnics… it’s delicious and clean to bring food prepared from home. But plastic Tupperware will cause the food’s taste to change and glass containers break easily. Try our husk made Tupperware, convenient to bring around, and safe to use.

This Product includes 1 Tupperware, 1 cover (silicon sealing) 1 strap, 1 sporkH13-LBF_30



Large Tupperware, unique design allows for easy opening

Maintains freshness

With silicon sealing, the taste is able to maintain its original taste and freshness.



(Do not microwave over 3 minutes)

Gives off a faint grain husk smell under high temperatures


Comes with a spork, convenient to use

Strap designed for double sealing and no spillage


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